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You have been directed to this website either because you or some member of your family has been diagnosed with osteonecrosis (ON). Osteonecrosis is not particularly common, it actually is listed as a rare disease afflicting approximately 20,000 new patients per year in the U.S alone

I have been raising Awareness since I was diagnosed in 2014. Because I never heard of this disease before being diagnosed and I found little to very few doctors who could help me.

I never want anyone to feel as afraid and alone as I felt.

AVN Awareness Booklet    I wrote this booklet so patients and their families as well as doctors can understand what it is we have and what we go through.

There are also tips to help make your life easier if your having surgery and how to prepare. And their are stories of people who have various forms of avn.

I hope you enjoy the booklet. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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Deborah Briglovich Andio